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US DOLLAR 1 Buying 117.80 Selling 118.40

GB POUND 1 Buying 154.10 Selling 156.05

SWISS FRANC 1 Buying 118.31 Selling 119.50

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 84.51 Selling 85.37

CANADIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 89.99 Selling 90.90

SINGAPORE DOLLAR 1 Buying 85.02 Selling 85.88

HONGKONG DOLLAR 1 Buying 14.96 Selling 15.11

JAPANESE YEN 10 Buying 10.47 Selling 10.66

EURO 1 Buying 135.22 Selling 136.59

CHINESE RENMINBI 1 Buying 16.95 Selling 17.12

THAI BHAT 1 Buying 3.58 Selling 3.62

KOREAN WON 10 Buying 1.02 Selling 1.04

SAUDI RIYAL 1 Buying 31.26 Selling 31.57

QATARI RIYAL 1 Buying 32.20 Selling 32.53

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EBL Flexi Recurring Deposit

This scheme is targeted at those individuals who want to have small saving but in regular intervals.It also caters to the need of persons with fluctuating income e.g. self-employed,professionals or person engaged in seasonal occupation especially in rural and semi-urban areas.Persons having fixed income but variable surplus can also take advantage of it.
Minimum Deposit:
Rs.100.00 (Base Amount, which is the least amount to be deposited every month) or above in its multiples (upto 10 times of base amount). The depositors will have the flexibility in terms of choice of day to deposit within the month. If the installment(i.e. base amount) is not deposited every month the depositor will receive interest at the rate of saving account at the time of payment of the maturity value.
Deposit Period:
·         6 month to less than 1 year       
·         1 year to 5 years                         Attractive Interest Rate on daily balance & quarterly compounding
·         Above 5 years to 10 years          
·         In case of payment before maturity, interest payable in respect of such deposit shall be 1% less than the rate applicable for   actual deposit period or at contracted rate, whichever is lower.
·         Depositors are allowed to borrow up to 90% of their accumulated deposit at interest rate of 1.5% higher than the rate for deposit.