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Future Lease Rental

Why wait for your rents every month, when you can get instant encashment up to 80% of your future rent with EBL property plus! This scheme has been specially designed keeping in mind the property owners of large commercial/residential buildings. As a measure to improve liquidity and enchance prospects for better use of money for our customers, we are providing loans against future lease rentals under this unique scheme.

Eligibility Property owners having their properties ( situated in urban areas of Kathmandu / Pokhara/Birgunj/Biratnagar and others ) let out such properties to Government/Semi-Government and reputed corporates, Banks, Financial Institution, Insurance Companies, Multi National Companies, NGO's/INGO's and Embassy Officials.
Purpose To meet business of personal needs.
Amount of Loan Maximum 80% of the future lease rentals which should not exceed the amount of rent receivals within unexpired period of deed/lease deed or 3 years whichever is less.
Interest Rates Competitive rate
Security Assignment of Lease Rentals
Registered mortgage of immovable property to the extent of 125% of the proposed loan
Personal guarantee of the borrower and the mortgage provider.
Disbursement The loan amount will be disbursed on:
Assignment of lease rentals
Registered mortgaged of immovable property
Extention of Tripartite agreement
Repayment Options Loan with interest is to be repaid in equated monthly installments in 36 months or the remaining period of lease whichever is earlier.

The quaterly interest is to be paid within one week of the close of the quarter.
General Conditions Loan application form can be obtained from any of our branches(Valley Branches, Biratnagar & Birgunj)

Incase of default in repayment of loan installment, the borrower shall be liable to pay interest@2% p.a. over and above the applicable rate on the amount of default and for the period of default.

Incase of continuous or total default of 3 monthly installments, the Bank shall have the right to recall the total outstanding loan.
Borrower shall ensure that the mortgaged property is fully insured against fire, riots and other hazards as required by the Bank.