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Mobile ATM


The Bank has online based product “Mobile ATM” (Branch Less Banking). It is an agent based banking to reach the people in unbanked areas of the country. EBL has this product which is based on mobile device. Agents provide a range of banking services which include: cash deposit & withdrawal, balance inquiry, collection of document in relation to account opening, KYC and remittance payment. By using mobile phone, customer through SMS can have access to banking channel.

Bank is providing Web & Mobile based Product for the Financial inclusion in the remote part of the nation with the slogan         “Bank at Your Door Step”. The online based product will definitely help the rural people of Nepal. The banking services like the customer can open the account, deposit/withdraw in their convenient time from the Business correspondent within their vicinity. Bank. With this service Bank aims to include more people under financial inclusion.

Mobile ATM is a distribution channel which can be used to get the financial services without reaching to the Bank branches. At present, we are providing our services through more than 450 Business Correspondents (BCs). The service is based on Mobile and it is real-time online.



Who can get the service through Mobile ATM

  • All literate existing savings Bank Account holders having mobile phone are eligible for the service.


Procedures of Account Opening and Registration

  • Fill out the account opening/ KYC form with signature and required detail
  • For existing customer, the customer has to mention their account number for registration.
  • Agent will process for the registration / opening of account for the customer
  • The SMS will reach on the customers’ Mobile with Account Number, Balance and MOBILE ATM Pin


Depositing Cash through Mobile ATM

Customers can deposit cash into their account through use of Business Correspondents (Agents) as below:

  • Customers shall submit cash to the nearby agents along with account details.
  • Agents will make necessary entries.
  • Upon completing the entries customer will get a system generated receipt as a proof of deposit.
  • In addition, the customer will also receive SMS of deposit into account on his/ her registered mobile.


Withdrawal through Mobile ATM

The banks customer whose mobile numbers are registered in the banks’ core banking system can withdraw cash through agents by generating self remittances as under

  • The customers registered in Mobile ATM service has to enter following text in their mobile

Self amount pin number and send SMS to 32244.

  • Immediately the customer will receive Random Identification (RI) Number
  • Customer shall present the number to the nearby AGENT along with the requested amount.
  • Once the agent executes payment in the online system the customers’ receives SMS from bank’s server.
  • The customer will get alert in their mobile after successful transaction.
  • Until payment against existing RI number is made second request is not be allowed. The timeout period of RI number is one hour.


Cancellation of Withdrawal Request through Mobile ATM

In case of withdrawal request for wrong amount or to change the amount or to cancel the request in order to generate fresh request

  • The customer may type cancelRI Numberpin number and send SMS to 32244.
  • Immediately the customer will receive cancellation confirmation SMS.


Transaction Limit for the service

Per transaction withdrawal limit    : Rs. 1,00,000.00

Per day withdrawal limit               : Rs. 5,00,000.00  (Max 10 times)

Deposit Limit                               : Rs.400,000/- per transaction

                                                    (not exceeding Rs.10.00 lacs from any of our Business correspondent to the same single account) 

To change PIN number

  • The customer may change the PIN number at desired times with pin<>currentpin<>newpin and send SMS to 32244.
  • Immediately the customer will receive SMS confirming change of PIN.

To check balance

  • The customer may type bal<>pin and send SMS to 32244.
  • Immediately the customer will receive SMS with latest balance in the account.

Charges and Incentives to Customers

  • Deposits shall be free of cost
  • For withdrawals, Rs. 5 for amount up to Rs. 5000.00 and additional Rs.1 per every Rs.1000.00

Service Network

All registered customers can avail the Service irrespective of their telecom service provider i.e. NTC, Ncell, UTL.