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Nepal Telecom Prepaid Recharge

EBL is providing SMS bill payment and Mobile recharge facility to the NTC mobile user. With the help of this service the customer can make the bill payment or recharge pre-paid mobile at any time and any where.

How to Apply for Mobile Recharge Service?

  • To register the service, EBL Saving Account Holders and Saving Premium Account Holders have to fill up the registration form available at any EBL branches. (This form can also be downloaded from EBL web site http://www.everestbankltd.com).
  • Once the registration form is filled up with complete information, the account holder has to submit the application form at customer service department of the concerned branch.

Procedure to Receive Permanent PIN Code

  • After the submission of form the customer will receive the confirmation of registration SMS and four digit pin code (example 1696) in their mobile. This four digit code is a permanent pin code.

Procedure to Recharge NTC Prepaid Through SMS

  • To recharge, Namaste mobile holder have to type RCG 100, RCG 200, RCG 500 and send message to 5677.
  • Once this message is sent to 5677, then the customer will receive three character alpha code (example: KAS) in sender’s mobile. This alpha code remains valid for particular transaction to be completed within 3 minutes.
  • After receiving this alpha code message, mobile holder has to type PAY KAS 1696 and send to 5677 (The above is example transaction only).
  • After sending Alfa code and permanent pin code to 5677 the account holder will receive two messages. The detail message is as below:-

1)     First message contains 13 digit recharge code for Namaste Prepaid which is required to recharge the NTC prepaid mobile. This recharge code can be used to recharge any NTC prepaid mobile.

2)     Second message contains the information for transaction ID that has debited your account maintained at EBL for the said amount.

After receiving the 13 digit recharge code for Namaste the mobile holder have to recharge their mobile through normal procedure. (Example for Namaste prepaid recharge procedure *411*13 digit code#)

Benefit of SMS Recharge Facility

  1. Hassle free Recharge Facility
  2. Need not to go to the shops to purchase recharge card.
  3. Customer will receive recharge pin code instantly.
  4. This recharge procedure saves the time.
  5. Customer can recharge their mobile at any time.
  6. Customer can recharge their mobile at any place.
  7. The Recharge pin code can be used to recharge own mobile or can transfer to third party.