EBL 23 years of Banking

US DOLLAR 1 Buying 103.30 Selling 103.90

GB POUND 1 Buying 143.28 Selling 145.10

SWISS FRANC 1 Buying 109.82 Selling 110.93

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 80.88 Selling 81.70

CANADIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 81.47 Selling 82.29

SINGAPORE DOLLAR 1 Buying 77.96 Selling 78.74

HONGKONG DOLLAR 1 Buying 13.15 Selling 13.28

JAPANESE YEN 10 Buying 9.64 Selling 9.81

EURO 1 Buying 126.45 Selling 127.73

CHINESE RENMINBI 1 Buying 16.24 Selling 16.41

THAI BHAT 1 Buying 3.28 Selling 3.31

KOREAN WON 10 Buying 0.95 Selling 0.97

SAUDI RIYAL 1 Buying 27.43 Selling 27.71

QATARI RIYAL 1 Buying 28.26 Selling 28.54

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Outward Remittance

Outward Remittance
Outward remittances of foreign currency in Nepal are subject to central bank's guidelines. We provide you a convenient mode of your remittance/payment within the permitted ceiling via draft and Swift transfer.

In India
We are one of the leading and best in providing money transfer facility to India. Any Individual or firm can purchase demand draft (subject to compliance of central bank's guidelines) from any of our branches across the country drawn on any PNB Branches.

Speed Remittance in India
EBL is providing Speed Remittance facility through which EBL customer can remit fund from Nepal to branches of PNB India. This is online fund transfer facility and modern concept in remittance service in the history of Nepal.

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Branches list (in India only)
http://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/RTGS/DOCs/RTGEB0815.XLSX (in excel format)
https://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/RTGS/PDFs/RTGEB0815.PDF (in pdf format)

Punjab National Bank Branch locator

Rest of the world
We provide USD drafts payable at Standard Chartered Bank, New York and EURO draft payable at Standard Chartered Bank, Frankfurt, Germany. You may transfer your business payments, university fees and miscellaneous transfers via swift at any corner of the world.

Please visit your nearest branch of EBL for further details.