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Representitive Office

Representative Office

EBL is playing a pivotal role in facilitating remittances to & from India. It is the first Nepalese bank to open a Representative Office in Delhi, India. This office is helping Nepalese Citizens to open a bank account in their home place without having botheration of visiting Nepal for the purpose. The Nepalese in India can also remit their money in most economical & safe manner through banking channel to Nepal. They can deposit their money in any of Punjab National Bank’s branch all over India for remittance to Nepal. The Bank is also offering Cash Management System through HDFC Bank India for managing the funds of corporate exporting to India by collecting their fund from about 183 locations in India.

Services Provided by our Representative Office:

The Nepalese citizens can have the benefit of following banking facilities in India from their own Nepali bank i.e. Everest Bank Limited:

  • Account Opening from India in EBL Branches
  • Remitting Their Money to Nepal
  • Role of liaison for any banking problems
  • Provide necessary information and assistance
  • Holding Seminars, participating in Nepalese Functions for Marketing of various facilities offered.

Account Opening From India to EBL Branches:

Any Nepalese Citizen can open a bank account at his/her native place without having botheration of visiting Nepal for the purpose. At present we have started the facility of account opening from our representative office and through designated Punjab National Bank branches.

Requirements for Account Opening:

  • You can approach EBL Representative Office or any designated PNB branches to open an account in any of the branches of EBL in Nepal.
  • An identity document viz. citizenship certificate or passport should be brought and a copy of the same should be attached with the AOF. For Defence Personnel, they can alternatively submit letter certifying the photo and name & permanent address of the personnel issued by the authorized defence authority.
  • Two recent passport size photograph to be pasted to the AOF.
  • The Account will be opened with minimum balance of NPR. 200.00 and cash shall be deposited in PNB Branch.
  • The account will be opened in the requested branch of EBL in Nepal and the New Account Number will be advised to the customer within seven days. However, the chequebooks, account statements, ATM card request and e-banking services shall be executed from the EBL branches only.
  • The remitter can remit funds from anywhere in India to his/her account in Everest Bank Limited from any branch of Punjab National Bank. When you visit Nepal you need not take the risk of carrying cash during travel. You can withdraw cash from your account so opened with Everest Bank Limited.
  • You also can remit funds to any other financial institution in Nepal and also on the basis of Citizenship Card Number.

Provide necessary information and assistance

Our EBL Representative Office provide necessary guidance and support to prospective businessman/industrialist willing to set up their establishment in Nepal on the following aspects:

  • Rules/regulations for setting up business in Nepal
  • Taxation benefits.
  • Financial support subject to fulfillment of laid down criteria of lending institutions.
  • Credit information.
  • Fund Transfers

Marketing Camping:

EBL Representative Office arranges marketing camping/ seminars at different places in India where there are concentration of Nepalese population. The camping is also arranged on the request of Nepalese organizations in India. The camp helps in opening accounts, solving people queries and problems in remitting funds, and educating Nepalese for using banking services.

Our Contact Address:

Mr. Prashant Jain Mr. Bharat Karki
Chief Representative Dy. Chief Representative


Representative Office
911, 9th Floor, Antriksh Bhawan
K G Marg, New Delhi – 110 001
Phone: 0091-11-23710327
Fax 0091-11-23710326
Email: eblrepdelhi@gmail.com