EBL 23 years of Banking

US DOLLAR 1 Buying 109.40 Selling 110.00

GB POUND 1 Buying 144.15 Selling 145.97

SWISS FRANC 1 Buying 108.76 Selling 109.86

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 81.88 Selling 82.71

CANADIAN DOLLAR 1 Buying 82.79 Selling 83.63

SINGAPORE DOLLAR 1 Buying 79.84 Selling 80.65

HONGKONG DOLLAR 1 Buying 13.88 Selling 14.02

JAPANESE YEN 10 Buying 9.70 Selling 9.87

EURO 1 Buying 127.11 Selling 128.39

CHINESE RENMINBI 1 Buying 16.28 Selling 16.44

THAI BHAT 1 Buying 3.27 Selling 3.30

KOREAN WON 10 Buying 0.96 Selling 0.97

SAUDI RIYAL 1 Buying 29.04 Selling 29.33

QATARI RIYAL 1 Buying 29.92 Selling 30.22

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Everest Bank Join hands with Best Remit for Remittance Disbursement

Everest Bank Limited (EBL) has entered into the agreement with Best Remit for delivering of remittance payment received through Everest Remit. Currently the bank is providing the remittance services through its’ own web based online remittance product “Everest Remit”. Presently, this remittance facility is available to the Nepalese who are working in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, UK, USA, Japan and Korea. This facility will be extended to other corridors too in due course. In order to facilitate inward remittance and foreign trade, bank has tied up with various foreign banks/agencies in different countries. Likewise, agreements for instant money transfer have been entered with EZ Remit, Xpress Money Transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union Money Transfer and Cash Express. These arrangements have facilitated the Bank for inward remittance from worldwide. Similarly, Bank is receiving remittance from India through its Joint Venture partner Punjab National Bank’s product “INREMIT” (INDO Nepal Remittance). Under this facility customer can instantly remit money from Punjab National Bank (PNB) India to EBL through any branch of PNB or Mobile/Internet Banking Facility of PNB and through Business Correspondent locations of PNB. Presently the Bank is rendering professionalized & efficient banking services through its widest domestic network of 60 branches, 6 Extension Counters, 25 Revenue Collection Counters, 86 ATMs and around 5000 Payout Agents/Business Correspondents across the country Moreover, Everest Bank is the first bank having representative office in India.