Public Trust and Private Trust (Guthi)

  • Certificate of registration
  • PAN or the documents issued by the government offices for the tax purpose
  • Agreement for selling up the Trust (Guthi)
  • Details of branches/offices and main branches/offices
  • Personal details of directors, Managing Director/CEO, and account operator (as per NRB directives no. 19.1)
  • Recent passport size photo, citizenship certificate or passport of director, Managing Director/CEO and account operator
  • Audited financial report and tax clearance certificate of last fiscal year
  • Copy of Bidhan
  • Copy of agreement paper of Guthi establishment
  • Copy of certified certificate of Guthi establishment
  • Resolution of the Management Committee or Board regarding opening and operation of the account and delegation of authority to carry economic transactions.
  • In case of change of address from the initial registered, copy of the same
  • Any other documents if feel necessary and required by the bank

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