Green Pin is a paperless PIN generation facility which enables the customer to generate debit/credit card pin ANYWHERE & ANYTIME in Everest Bank ATMs by customers themselves. The facility also enables to regenerate PIN, when customers forget pins.

Everest Bank Green PIN Generation Process

You are requested to visit nearest EBL ATM terminals and follow the following steps:

1. Insert your card in ATM Card reader
2. Press “Green PIN” button
3. Press “Generate OTP” button. 6 digit OTP code is generated in your mobile number of bank’s record. Take out your card.
4. Again insert your card in card reader.
5. Press “Green PIN” button
6. Press “Set PIN” button and then type 6 digit OTP code received on your registered mobile number & press OK.
7. Type 4 digit “New PIN” of your choice & retype the same & press enter.

Everest Bank Green PIN Generation Process – View here