Corporate Pay

Corporate Pay

Corporate PAY system is a business payments platform developed and hosted by NCHL. It allows corporate customers of the Bank for initiating digital payments from different accounts held at different banks. This platform supports multiple banks and multiple accounts with all the necessary multi-user controls required for such business transactions.

Corporate customers can link multiple Bank accounts, enabling them to do transactions in different payment systems (NCHL-connectIPS, NCHL-IPS, proposed NCHL-RTGS).

Features & Benefits

• Real time Intra- Bank and Inter-Bank fund transfer.

• Non-real time fund transfer.

• Bulk transaction processing for salary and supplier/vendor payments through different payment systems.

• Insurance Payments.

• Government payments including tax payment.

• Creditor Payments.

• Account Balance Information.

• Transaction reports and queries.


• Maker/Checker control along with 2FA using Google Authentication for Main login.

• Option to choose secured connection through VPN or usage via Public Network

• Password based login for different Bank account logins.

How to Apply

Corporate current account at Everest Bank is required

Duly complete Corporate Pay Enrollment Form

Board Resolution

Duly signed agreement

Private Network (VPN) Request Form [If Required]

Download Corporate PAY Enrollment Form here.