Indo Nepal - Send Money from India to Nepal


Customer can transfer money from Punjab National Bank-India to Nepal easily.

 The facility of INDO Nepal Remittance is available as under:

  • Through all branches of Punjab National Bank (PNB) In India.
  • Through BC ( Business Correspondents) locations of PNB.
  • Through Internet Banking facility of Punjab National Bank .
  • Through Mobile banking facility of Punjab National bank.

 Payment mode of INDO-Nepal Remittance is as under:

  • Credit in  account maintained with Everest bank Ltd-Nepal (EBL) branches.
  • Cash payment to beneficiary on ID basis through branches of Everest Bank and over 9000 payout agents all over Nepal.
  • Credit in account maintained with Banks other than Everest Bank in Nepal.

 Details required to be filled for remitting the fund:

Transfer Mode EBL Account Transfer Cash Payment Mode

(ID payment)

Other than EBL Transaction

(Pay Order)

Details to

be filled

  • Account No.
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Address
  • Mode of payment: Everest Bank A/c
  • Remitter’s Detail
  • Amount
  • Name of beneficiary/Address/
  • Beneficiary ID Type/ ID No
  • Mode of payment: Cash Payment
  • Remitter’s Detail
  • Amount
  • Account No.
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Address
  • Mode of payment: Other Bank
  • Name of bank & Branch
  • Remitter’s Detail
  • Amount

Click here to  Download PNB Customer Deposit Slip

HDFC CMS (Cash Management System) facility for Nepalese exporters

HDFC Cash Management System (CMS) is a robust, end to end cash management product which offers innovative and reliable solutions by combining efficient collections and disbursements product to ensure customized delivery. The bank has constructed a wide range of CMS products covering collections and disbursements of operating flows, as well as specialized cash flow streams. Through CMS arrangement between HDFC Bank, India and Everest Bank Ltd, Nepal Indian importers can transfer money from HDFC Bank-India to the account of Nepalese exporters maintained account at Everest Bank ltd, Nepal easily.

The facility of HDFC CMS is available as under:

  • The Bank operates out of a large and expanding network of over 4800 outlets across the country.
  • Avail of collection services with or without a Current Account.
  • Cheque Collections of HDFC Bank.
  • Cheque collections other than HDFC Bank.

Payment mode of HDFC CMS is as under:

  • CMS tie-up arrangement with Nepalese Exporter maintaining account at Everest Bank with their respective branches.
  • Providing pick up location of Indian importers to HDFC through the branches of Everest Bank in Nepal.
  • Credit in account maintained with Everest bank Ltd-Nepal (EBL) branches.


Transfer Mode EBL Account Transfer
Details to

be filled in CMS slip

  • Client Name & Account Number:
  • Date:
  • Client Code:
  • Pickup Location:
  • Cheque date:
  • Drawer:
  • Drawee Bank:
  • Drawn on Location:
  • Amount(Rs):



Nepalese exporter to kindly contact their respective branches for the tie up arrangement.

Download format:

Click here to Download HDFC Customer Deposit Slip

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