Agriculture Loan

Purpose Loan for undertaking various agricultural/allied activities for production (credit required for raising crops, short term credit for allied agricultural activities) / investment and other activities as define by NRB to meet the credit and consumption requirements of the farmers.

  • Cereal & cash crops, vegetable and fruit cultivation, floriculture and herbs production.
  • Post harvesting (storage of food crops)
  • Livestock, Poultry, fishery and insects keeping.
  • Animal husbandry / Slaughter house
  • Irrigation and irrigation equipments (all culverts, canals, hand pump, captive generator, roar pump), pipelines, pumps etc.
  • Agriculture tools and machinery. (Tractor, Thresher, harvester, modern plough, hoe, cultivator, rotovator, tiller and other motor or manually operated agricultural equipments)
  • Infrastructure/sheds for livestock/birds/fishery etc.
  • Infrastructure for agro farming with special technology i.e. tunnel farming/sprinkle irrigation etc.
  • Cold storage construction and management
  • Other activities defined by NRB under agricultural sector from time to time
  • Individual farmers or group of farmers or Intending borrower having aptitude/adequate experience together with minimum land holding as required in terms of extant bank guidelines.
  • Need Based
  • Amount of loan                                 Margin

Upto Rs.10 lakh                                  15.00%

Above Rs.10 lakh                                25.00%

Interest rate
  • Competitive rate (Subject to Change)
  • Equated Monthly Installment in case of Term Loan
  • Maximum 2 crops season in case of Demand Loan
  • Term loan/ overdraft/ Demand Loan/composite loan depending upon the requirement of the farmers.
  • Hypothecation of crops/assets created out of bank loan and
  • At least 200% of loan amount.