Credit Card

EBL (Everest Bank) Credit Card is an electronic Cheque, which enables you to pay on the purchase of goods and services from merchant outlets or draw cash from ATM outlets. The bank creates a revolving account and grants a line of credit to the cardholder, from which the cardholder can borrow money for payment to merchants or as a cash advance.

VISA Domestic Credit Card

Everest Bank is serving “VISA Domestic Credit Card to its customers, which can be used at ATM & POS Networks, affiliated with Visa Worldwide, scattered throughout Nepal and India.


  • Valid in Nepal & India.
  • Now issued cards are Chip-based, with CHIP+PIN verification method for POS transactions.
  • Accepted as mode of payment at Visa merchant locations (POS).
  • Can withdraw cash from Visa accepting ATMs.
  • Flexible payment option of NPR 1,000 or 10% of debit balance, whichever is higher to 100% of debit balance.
  • Interest free credit period of minimum 15 days to maximum 45 days for Purchase transactions.
  • Competitive interest rate @ 2% per month.
  • Credit limit between  NPR  50,000 to 5 Lac.
  • Cash limit of 10 % of Credit Limit.

Transaction Limits

Transaction Limits Nepal India
Maximum Per Transaction Limit NPR 20,000 INR 10,000
Daily cash drawing limit at ATM NPR 50,000 INR 15,000
Monthly cash drawing limit at ATM NPR 100,000 INR 100,000
Daily purchase limit from POS NPR 100,000 INR 100,000
Monthly purchase limit from POS NPR 500,000 INR 100,000
Monthly purchase limit from POS (Hospital, medical shops, Hotels) INR 300,000
Transaction count per day at ATM 3 3
Transaction count per day at POS 10 10

Card Service Fee & Charges

Card Issuance Fee NPR 300
Card Annual / Renewal Fee NPR 500
Card Replacement Fee NPR 300
Card Re-Issuance Fee NPR 300
PIN Re-Generation Fee NPR 100
Dispute management Fee As per Visa Rule
Late Payment Charge NPR 250
Over Limit Fee NPR 500 per month
Auto Pay Failure Fee NPR 250
Statement Copy Fee NPR 100 per copy (First Statement Free)
Limit Enhancement Fee NPR 200


  • Any Nepalese citizen with age of 21 years and above.
  • Monthly salary income of NPR 25,000 or above.
  • Foreign nationals having of passport, Certificate of Registration issued by Embassy

Procedure to apply for Visa Domestic Credit Card

  • Visit your nearest branch to obtain “Credit Application Form“of Visa Domestic Credit Card or Download by clicking EBL Credit Card Application Form.
  • Fill up the Application Form for Visa Domestic Credit Card.
  • Submit it to the branch at which your deposit/loan account is maintained or as per your convenience.
  • Collect your Card and pin code after the specified day and have your card activated.
  • You may now use your card in ATM/DOS terminals Nepal and India, where Visa card is accepted.


  • Copy of citizenship certificate.
  • Recent passport size photo of card applicant.
  • Latest Annual Salary Certificate duly issued and certified by the concerned employer for the salaried applicant.
  • Company registration certificates, PAN, latest tax clearance certificate and latest audited financial report for the self-employed businessman.
  • Any other source of Income eg. Valid Lease Agreement (Rental Income), Pension Certificate (Pensioner), Other Income source disclosing documents.
  • No income certificate required for those who would like to take credit card against lien on Fixed Deposit, Current or Saving Account maintained at Everest Bank Limited.

How to Use EBL Credit Card?

Memorize your PIN: Once you receive Credit card, tear up PIN mailer and notice four digit PIN number inside folded PIN mailer.

Use of Card at POS: For making payment from Credit card to merchant outlets, instead of paying cash, you may follow as under :

  • Give your card to merchant officials , who swipe your card at POS devices and press desired payment amounts. The merchant officials may guide you. Enter PIN if require.
  • Two receipts will then be printed for you to sign. The merchant will keep one copy and hand over the second copy to you.

Use of Card at ATM: For drawing cash from ATM terminals, follow as under :

  • Insert you Credit card in the card Reader. (In some ATM machines, you are required to pull the card inside card reader while in others you are required to dip the card in and pull it out quickly.)
  • Enter your four-digit PIN number.
  • Select “Fast Cash” or select “Withdrawal”, to draw cash out from the ATM.
  • Select the desired Amount for “Fast Cash” or type desired amount for “Withdrawal” activity. This must be in multiples of 500 in EBL ATMs.
  • Make sure to take your Cash, Credit Card and a Receipt paper.

Payment of Due Amounts :

  • At the end of the billing period, you will receive a statement, which reflects all transactions that you have made and settled by merchants during the past month.
  • You are required to settle at least the minimum due amount that you have committed for within the due date. Failure to do so will add late payment penalty fee and interest to your statement.
  • Interest will be applicable for the transaction done at ATM from the date of the transaction itself.

Safety Tips & Security Measures:

  • Please treat your card like cash and never keep it lying around.
  • Please sign on the signature panel at the back side of your Card, immediately upon receipt.
  • A secret PIN code shall be provided to you in a sealed PIN Mailer. For security purpose, you are advised to memorize your PIN code and destroy the PIN Mailer.
  • Do not keep your PIN with your Card and do not disclose it to anyone. Always keep your PIN secure by memorizing it instead of noting it down anywhere.
  • You are advised to change PIN provided by the bank at the time of using your card for the first time and periodically thereafter.
  • Your card is only for your own use. You are advised not to permit possession of the card to any other person.
  • You are held full responsible for the transaction carried out from your card, hence it is your responsibility to keep your card and PIN in safe custody at all times.
  • If you lose your card, report to the bank immediately to block the same.
  • Always keep the copy of bill and the payment slip and ATM receipt for all transactions, till you verify and tally with your account statement.
  • Check your account statement on regular basis. In case of any discrepancy, please inform to the Bank within 30 days of transaction date.
  • Please do not bend your Card or leave it exposed to sunlight, heat or electricity.

Terms and Conditions

The usage of a Credit Card by the Cardholder adheres with specific terms and conditions, which are mentioned at the “Credit Card Application Form”. For viewing click to Terms & Conditions.

Contact Details

For further information, any difficulties and quires relating to “EBL Credit Card”, you can contact or mail directly to :

Hunting line: 00977-1-4543377

Mail address: [email protected]


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