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Unfixed Fixed Deposit Scheme

Unfixed Fixed Deposit Scheme allows benefits of higher rate of interest with quarterly compounding while allowing the facility of simultaneous overdraft against your deposit. Now you can use your money while earning interest on it. Get a cheque book at the time of opening along with the Fixed Deposit Receipt.

Participation in the scheme
The scheme is suited for all categories of depositors like Individuals, Sole Prop. firm, Trusts and Limited Companies who wish to park their temporary surpluses in Fixed Deposits, thereby earning higher rate of interest as well as withdraw or repay the amount in between depending upon their needs.
Blind, illiterate and minors cannot open this A/C.

Deposit Amount
Minimum Rs. 50,000/-

Period of Deposit
6 months upto 5 years

Maturity Value
Principal amount with upto date interest shall be paid on maturity.

Premature Cancellation
Allowed at lower rate of interest

Overdraft facility will be provided through a separate Overdraft Account and a Cheque Book will be issued on the same day. The limit of overdraft account will be 90% of the amount deposited. The interest on your withdrawals will be charged on daily basis at 2% p.a over the deposit rate.

Required documents for deposits:

For personal accounts:

  • Citizenship Certificate or Passport
  • 2 PP size photos

For Sole Proprietorship:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Tax Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate of the Proprietor
  • 2 PP size photos

For Partnership Account:

  • Partnership Deed
  • Firm Registration Certificate
  • Tax Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificates of Partners
  • 2 PP size photos of partners

For Limited Company Account:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Memorandum & Articles of Assocation
  • Name, Address of directors & Office Bearers of the Limited Company with copy Citizenship Certificate
  • Name & Signatures of the Persons Authorised to Operate an account
  • Operation Commencement Certificate (for Public Ltd. Co.)
  • Resolution of Board of Directors regarding opening & conduct of an account
  • Tax Certificate

For Club Society & Association Account:

  • Registration Certificate
  • List of Office Bearers
  • Resolution Regarding Opening & Conduct of Account
  • Name & Signature of the persons authorized to operate the account