Press Release

Everest Bank Launches its Debit Card

March 24, 2004

Everest Bank has introduced its Debit Card for its customers. Everest Bank’s Debit Card shall have wide accessibility as the bank has entered into an ATM sharing agreement with Smart Choice Technology (SCT), which shall enable the usage of EBL’s Debit Card at a network of 15 shared ATM’s carrying the logo of SCT and also in over 250 Merchant Outlets in Nepal. This Debit card can be used at Merchant Outlets like Departmental Stores, Hotels, and Restaurants etc with no additional cost.

Everest Bank’s ATM at its New Baneshwor Branch was inaugurated today by its Chairman Mr. B. K. Shrestha and Mr. C. P. Swarnakar, Sr. General Manager, Punjab National Bank, India and Director representing Punjab National Bank on the Board of Everest Bank Limited.

The very fact that, Mr. Swarnakar has come all the way form India for this purpose shows the value and commitment Punjab National Bank attaches to its joint venture in Nepal. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Swarnakar reassured the EBL Management and its patrons and clients that PNB will continue to provide EBL the latest banking know-how and wished that EBL shall continue growing at the same pace so as to achieve a predominant position amongst the banking system in Nepal.

Mr. B. K. Shrestha, Chairman of EBL stated that EBL Board and Management is conscious of the fast changing developments in the financial sector and assured its customers that EBL shall not be found lacking in any field and shall adopt the latest technology in order to retain its pioneer position amongst the banks in Nepal. He also declared that looking at the banks results for the 10 months ending Baisakh 2061, EBL is poised to show spectacular growth in all parameters at the ensuing year ending Ashadh 2061.