FAQ (Internet Banking)

 We also arrange for third bank account (other  bank) credit facility via. Interbank Payment System.

The transaction password is valid for 90 days. The message is displayed when your transaction password has not been changed for more than 90 days.

Please login into Internet Banking Services, use the change password option and change the
transaction password.


1.    Keep your User-id and passwords secret.
2.      Select password which is difficult to guess.
3.      Do not write or disclose your passwords even to officials of EBL
4.      Change passwords periodically.
5.      Use virtual keyboard shown on the screen, to enter passwords.
6.      Protect your computer with adequate anti-virus solutions

The message is displayed due to some exception in the account which you are debiting please take up with branch for rectification of the error relating to account.

The message is displayed when your login password got blocked because of entering wrong password more than 5 attempts. If you have the correct password, approach your branch and submit for re-activation. Once activated, you can continue using the IBS service without any issue.


The message is displayed at the time when your login password is at disabled state. Please take up with nearest branch for the activation of the User, if you know the correct password.

No, you will not receive SMS Alert for changing of Transaction password.

Yes, if you have registered for SMS Alert facility, you will get SMS alerts for all transaction done using Internet Banking.

Transfer of funds is available under the following two options:

a)      Self-Transfer (within your own accounts) 
b)      Third party Transfer (within Everest Bank Limited)

For detail information, please visit https://www.netebl.com/corp/jsp/User_Manual.pdf

Yes, you can transfer funds within your accounts or other accounts within Everest Bank Limited. These transactions are self-serviced transactions and once done cannot be reversed.

No. In case the accounts are in the same name, it is better to have a single userID so that all accounts can be monitored under single IBS login. However, separate user-IDs be taken in the event of joint accounts.