Press Release

Everest Bank Ltd. goes into collaboration with National PABSAN on Matters of Common Interest

August 21, 2019

Everest Bank Ltd. has recently signed Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with National Private & Boarding Schools’ Association Nepal (National PABSAN). To develop and expand relationship between each other and to promote the product and services of EBL within the member schools of National PABSAN.

As per the agreement, National PABSAN shall support to promote products and services of Everest Bank Ltd. within its member schools. On the return, EBL has agreed to provide SME Loan at ROI of BR+2.50% to schools having membership with National PABSAN with the recommendation from district wing of National PABSAN. In addition, various other matters regarding long term collaboration between two entities has been mentioned in MOU.

The MOU was exchanged by Mr. Someshwor Seth, CEO of Everest Bank Ltd. and Mr. Ritu Raj Sapkota, President of National PABSAN. The matter of collaboration and products being offered by Everest Bank Ltd. were discussed during Annual Convention of National PABSAN.