Any fraudulent or disputed transaction using the debit card on your account can be reported at our customer care hotline number (01-4418878) or any EBL branch. We will scrutinize this transaction and update you on the same. If the transaction is unsuccessful, it will be reversed to your account.

You can visit the nearest branch and request for a new debit card.

Yes, you should apply for a new debit card by visiting your branch before the expiry of your current debit card.

In case of loss of debit card, you can call our Hotline Numbers +977-1-2044142 or +977-014443377 ext. 2011, 2012 & 2013 to immediately block your Debit Card.

If POS terminals are enabled for PIN authentication, you will be asked for PIN. You will need to enter your debit card PIN and complete transactions. However, in rest of POS, no PIN will be required.

The validity of the card is 4 years. The expiry date of the card shall be written in card itself in case of embossed card.

If your card is not working, contact us at our Hotline Numbers +977 012044142 or visit your nearest branch. We will assist you to identify the problem with the debit card.

EBL is under the process of online payment system.

Card Replacement/Reissuance                           : NPR 250.00

PIN Reissuance Charges                                       : NPR 100.00

Card Issuance Charge                                           : NPR 250.00

Renewal Charges                                                  : NPR 250.00

ATM Transaction Fee (Annual)                               : NPR 250.00

SMS Alert Charge (Annual)                                    : NPR 150.00