Remittance Payout Locations

List of Paying Agent of Everest Remit (Inside Nepal)

Name Province District Address Contact
Panchakanya Saving And Credit Co-operatives Nuwakot Bidur 9 Colony 3 Nuwakot Nuwakot bidur 9 colony 010-561644
Trisuli Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd , Nuwakot 3 Nuwakot Bidur-10 Trisuli Bazar Nuwakot 010-560449/9841088293
R.j Money Transfer Bidur 3 Nuwakot Bidur-9 Nuwakot 9843615829
Upakar Saving N Credit Co, Bidur 3 Nuwakot Bidu, Trishuli, Nuwakot 010-561751
Rupindevi Saving N Credit Co Ltd. Bidur 3 Nuwakot Bidur-9 Nuwakot 9851046393
Everest Bank Ltd -battar 3 Nuwakot BATTAR, NUWAKOT 9851097248
Saarathi Saving N Credit Dihi Bazar Nuwakot 3 Nuwakot Dihi Bazar, Bidur, Nuwakot 011-560985
Everest Bank Ltd-dupcheshwor 3 Nuwakot DUPCHESHWOR 9851041559
Sathi Upabhokta Sahakari Bidur 3 Nuwakot Bidur-4, Battar, Nuwakot 010-561744
Sanima Bank Ltd-kispang 3 Nuwakot NUWAKOT-KISPANG 9818818842
Shree Adarsha Multiporpose Co-op Ltd Bidur 3 Nuwakot Bidur-9, Nuwakot 010-611585 / 9841547874
Hamro Bikas Bank Ltd Ratmate 3 Nuwakot Ratamate-1, Mahadevphat, Nuwakot 9751061779/9843372455/9813148899
Shree Batar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd, Battar 3 Nuwakot Bidur-4, Battar, Nuwakot 010-560240/010560759
Hamro Bikas Bank Ltd Thansing, Chhahare 3 Nuwakot Thansing-1, Chhahare, Nuwakot 9751061780
Shree Betrawati Agriculture Co Ltd Laharepauwa 3 Nuwakot Laharepauwa-1, Betrawati, Nuwakot 9849861730
Hamro Bikas Bank Ltd Trishuli 3 Nuwakot Trishuli Bazar, Nuwakot 010-561780/81
Shree Janamukhi Multipurpose Cop Bidur 3 Nuwakot Bidur-4, Nuwakot 010-561669/984183878
Hamro Bikash Bank Ltd Samari 3 Nuwakot Samari-1, Samari Bazar, Nuwakot 025-581091
Shree Narayandevi Multipurpose Co Ltd Dhikure 3 Nuwakot Dhikure, Khanigaun 9741218550,010-680550
Jalapadevi Traders/money Transfer 3 Nuwakot Devighat,Bidur-7,Nuwakot 9751003362/9841378400