Letter of Credit (LC) Related Service Charges

Letter of Credit (LC) Related Service Charges (effective from 15th Ashwin 2080)

S.N. Particulars  Proposed for Revision
Documentary Credits (Import)
1 LC Opening Charges/Booking Commission Commission 0.25% p.q.
Minimum Charge Rs. 2000.00
2 LC Ammendment Charges Commission 1. Amendment in Value and Time: 0.25% p.q.
Minimum Charge 1. Rs. 2000.00
2.Ammendment in LC not affecting value and & expiry : Rs.2000.00 Flat per ammendment
3 Revolving LC/s Reinstatement Commission 0.25% p.q. of reinstatement value
Minimum Charge Rs.2000.00 per re-instatement
4 L/C Cancellation Rs.2000.00 (Flat)
5 Document Handling Charge(For Each Set of Document and BIBINI Issue) Rs.1500.00 per document(original document)
Rs.2000.00 per document (copy document)
6 Discrepancy Charge FCY USD 70.00 or equivalent to USD 70.00 for other FCY
INR INR 2500.00
NPR NPR. 3000.00
7 Usance Commission/Acceptance Booking Commission Commission 0.25% p.q.
Minimum Charge Rs2,000.00
8 LC Documents Returned/Unpaid/Unaccepted Rs. 2500.00 Plus Courier Charge
9 BCI (Business Credibility Information) Actual Cost + Rs.1500.00
10 L/C Overdrawn Commission Rs. 2000.00 (Flat)
11 LC Settlement Charge by booking  Force Loan/BLC Rs.3000.00 plus regular charges
12 SWIFT Charge a. Opening:Rs.2000.00 (Flat)
b. Ammendment:Rs.1500.00 (Flat)
c. Local LC -Ammendment:Rs.500.00 (Flat)
d. Settlement:Rs.1500.00 (Flat)
e. Acceptance:Rs.1000.00
13 Re-issuance charge for NRB cheque under LC Rs.500.00
14 Re-imbursement Authorization/                                    Re-imbursement Claim on behalf of other banks Minimum Charge NPR- NPR.2000.00
INR-INR 2000.00
USD and FCY-USD 50.00 and equivalent convertible currency
Documentary Credits (Export)
1 For Advising Original LC a. Own Customers-Rs.2000.00 per LC
b. Other Customers-Rs.3000.00 per LC
2 For Advising Ammendment a.  Own customers-Rs.2000.00 per amendment
b. Other customers-Rs.3000.00 per amendment
3 Confirming a LC Commission 0.25% p.q.
Minimum Charge Rs.2000.00
4 L/C Transferring Charge Commission a. Own customers-0.10% p.q.
b. Other customers-0.20% p.q.
Minimum Charge a. Own customers-Rs.1500.00
b. Other customers- Rs.2000.00
5 Negotiation Commission Commission BR+3% from the date of purchase till the date of payment
Minimum Charge
6 Documents sent for Collection Commission 0.15% p.q.
Minimum Charge Rs2,000.00
7 Overdue Export Bills(Sight/Usance) 2% additional interest on overdue period
8 Export LC Cancellation Rs.2000.00
1 DAP/DAA/CAD Intimation Charge INR/NPR Rs.1000.00  (Flat)
2 Settlement   DAA/DAP/                  DOCUMENTARY BILLS COLLECTION OR CAD PAYMENT Commission 0.25% p.q.
Minimum Charge DAA and DAP:Rs.2000.00
3 DAP/DAA/CAD  Doc Return Charge Rs.2000.00+Courier
4 Outward Collection Bills Commission 0.15% p.q.
Minimum Charge within Nepal-Rs.1000.00
5 Duplicate CAD Certificate RS.1500.00
1 Any Letter on Request of Applicant to Customs/NRB/Beneficiary Bank/ or Government Agency in Nepal Rs.1500 flat
2 SWIFT Charge Rs.1500 flat
3 Communication Charge For Follow Up Against Documents (LC/DAP/DAA/EXPORT/BILLS COLLECTION) RS.1000.00/follow up