Unfixed Fixed Deposits

Unfixed Fixed Deposit Scheme allows benefits of the higher rate of interest with quarterly compounding while allowing the facility of simultaneous overdraft against your deposit. Now you can use your money while earning interest on it. Get a cheque book at the time of opening along with the Fixed Deposit Receipt.

Participation in the scheme

The scheme is suited for all categories of depositors like Individuals, Sole Prop. firm, Trusts and Limited Companies who wish to park their temporary surpluses in Fixed Deposits, thereby earning higher rate of interest as well as withdraw or repay the amount in between depending upon their needs.
Blind, illiterate and minors cannot open this A/C.

Minimum Balance:

Rs 50,000/-

Period: 6 months to 120 months

Interest Rate:

Highly Attractive Interest Rate. Contact us for more details.


  • Overdraft facility through separate OD account on the same day.
  • The limit of the Overdraft is 90% of the amount deposited.
  • The interest on withdrawals is 2%pa above the deposit rate..
  • Premature Withdrawal Facility.

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