Saugat Saving Account

Saugat Bachat Khata” is a unique product, which has integration of both savings and fixed deposit account. The interest rate on the account varies from minimum savings rate to the rate of normal fixed deposit depending on the time period. In this account, there is sweep in and sweep out facility from savings to fixed.

Minimum Balance:

Rs. 5,000/-

Interest Rate:

Highly Attractive


  • Integration of Saving and Fixed Deposit Account.
  • Automatic Transfer of Balance from Saving Account Having Balance over Rs 50,000/- to Fix Deposit Account in Multiples of Rs 25,000/- for the Period indicated by Customers.
  • If Withdrawal Amount in the Saving AC is Insufficient then an Automatic Withdrawal shall be Made from FD AC in multiple of Rs 25000/- on Last in First out (LIFO) method.
  • Issuance of Debit Card at Rs 100/-
  • Cheque Book Facility