FAQ (Demat My Shares)

The services CDSC provides are as mentioned below:

  • Deposit, withdrawal and transfer of securities,
  • Electronic credit of securities directly into the investor’s demat account allotted in Initial
    Public Offering (IPO),
  • To safeguard the investors’ securities into the electronic form and to debit/credit the
    particular investor’s account as per the transactions occurred in the book entry
  • system,
  • Quicker distribution of securities allotted by issuers under IPO and corporate actions and
    benefits of the issuers,
  • To provide secure and convenient electronic procedures for pledge and un-pledge of
  • To provide updated statement and reconciliation statement.

The major objective of CDSC is to render the service by dematerializing the securities (such as shares, preference shares, debentures, bond, government securities, etc.) and update the transactions in the record by safeguarding the deposit on behalf of the buyers.

CDS and Clearing Ltd. is the sole depository in Nepal established in 2067 B.S. under Company Act
2063 with an objective to render service of dematerialization of securities. It is wholly owned
subsidiary company of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE). The authorized capital and issued
capital of CDSC is NRs. 500 million and NRs. 300 million respectively.

A depository facilitates the holding and/or transacting securities in book entry form. In other
words, a depository takes the ownership guarantee of the shareholders by holding those
securities and other market instruments which are listed in the secondary market, distributed or
allotted and can be deposited into the electronic form. The investor has to open a demat account
to avail the services of depository. Additionally, the depository maintains the record in the
account of the investors.

EBL Visa brand Debit Card can be used in all Visa & SCT affiliated ATM and POS outlets in Nepal and India. EBL SCT-UPI co-brand Debit Card can be used in all SCT affiliated ATM and POS outlets in Nepal and Punjab National Bank (PNB) ATMs in India.