CVV refers to Card Verification Value, which is a three-digit code printed on the reverse of the card. This value is required as a form of authentication for online transactions.


(a) Three digit code (Card Verification Value – CVV)                                    (b) Signature panel


(c) Hotline Numbers and Email Address of the bank

The following information are available on the front side of your Debit Card:


(a) 16 digit card number                (b) Debit card validity date                     (c) Cardholder’s name

No, your Debit Card is in inactive state when you receive it. You can start using your debit card after 5:00 PM of the day you have received, as the cards are activated after 5:00 PM.

No. You have to personally visit the branch to get your Debit Card.

EBL offers two types of Debit Card: (a) Embossed card which is named Personalized card & (b) Instant card, which is Non-personalized card. If you apply for Embossed card, you can get card within a week time from your own branch and if you apply for Instant card, you can get card instantly at the time of request.

You need to have an account with us to apply for EBL Debit Card or, you can apply for the card at the time of opening your account with us. If you don’t have an account with us, please visit one of our branches that is convenient for you.


EBL Visa brand Debit Card can be used in all Visa & SCT affiliated ATM and POS outlets in Nepal and India. EBL SCT-UPI co-brand Debit Card can be used in all SCT affiliated ATM and POS outlets in Nepal and Punjab National Bank (PNB) ATMs in India.

EBL is offering two brands of Debit Card, (a) Visa brand Debit Card & (b) SCT – UPI co-branded debit card.

An ATM card is used primarily for cash withdrawal at ATMs. However, a Debit Card can be used at ATM for cash withdrawal as well as Point of Sales (merchants with held machines to do transaction with debit card) merchant outlets and online payment portals for making purchases online, by directly debiting to your bank account.