FAQ (Internet Banking)

Yes, provided all precautions are taken and safeguards are followed while accessing Internet Banking Services.
Please clear the cache/history from your browser and use updated browser.
- Passwords are case sensitive. Kindly be more careful while typing the system-generated passwords for the first time.
- Tt is also possible that your Internet Banking account has not been activated. Please get in touch with the branch.





You can reset your password by click forget password. For this facility, you have to set secret question and answer at
IBS site.If could not reset the password as above, you may request for new password at the branch. New passwords
would be sent to the same e-mail id  after resetting.


Five (5) attempts are available for login password, whereas for transaction password there are 3 attempts. After the mentioned
unsuccessful attempts, the passwords get disabled and you have to make request at branch for resetting  of the passwords.


Bank will never ask for your passwords in any case. Please do not respond to any mail asking for your personal information.

Please choose a password that is not a dictionary word and not guessable from your personal information known to others such as names in the family, vehicle numbers, etc. You should change your password frequently. Please try to remember the password and do not write it down or paste it somewhere. Never disclose your passwords to anybody through any communication i.e. verbal, email, SMS, on paper or any other communication mode. 


Passwords can be changed at any time and any number of times through Change Password  option after you login to your IBS account. In fact bank recommends frequent change of passwords for securing access through internet.

The Login password will enable you to get access to your accounts (in case of view only). When you are doing any transaction/payment using the Internet Banking Services then the same is to be confirmed by using Transaction password which must be separate than the login password.


You may change your user ID as per your convenience. Also, it is mandatory for you to change passwords with your own convenient passwords at first login. Later on at any time you can change your passwords also.