FAQ (Internet Banking)

EBL IBS banking access is FREE of charge.

Type https://www.netebl.com in the address bar to be redirected to the Internet Banking Homepage.

All account holders of the bank are eligible for Internet Banking Services. Your account should be KYC compliant.

You require to have following to use the services

·    One account required to maintain in EBL

·     Any electronic device (e.g. Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet) with Internet Connection.

·     Compatibles Browser i.e. (Google-chrome, Firefox)

User ID/Password by registering with Internet Banking for availing the services

You can do Internet Banking Services and operate your account anywhere/anytime (24*7/365) at your convenience.

Internet Banking Service is a convenient way to access your bank account anywhere and anytime through internet. With this facility, you can view the accounts statement/balance, transfer funds to other accounts within Bank and wallet upload such as Esewa, Khalti.

To transfer the fund through Mobile Banking Service, please use Fund transfer menu.

To subscribe SMS banking facility, you have to visit bank once with valid documents and fill one SMS banking firm. The process of activation will take not more than 30 minutes.

You have to submit the written application to the respective branch to deactivate your mobile banking service. The branch will then do necessary process.

If you have more than one account with Everest Bank Ltd. and if you want to transfer amount between these accounts then it is Self Link Transfer option. But if you want to send money to other persons account with Everest Bank Ltd. then it is Third Party Transfer option.