The following precautions need to be observed by BOs with respect to instruction slips:

  • Ensure that DP issues Debit Instruction Slip (DIS) book.
  • Ensure that instruction slip numbers are pre-printed on each DIS.
  • Ensure that the demat account number is pre-stamped on each DIS.
  • After the DIS has been filled, strike out remaining blank space to prevent misuse.
  • Entire details to be furnished in DIS should be filled in properly.
  • Issue separate DIS for different instructions such as On Market, Off Market, transfers etc.
  • Retain the duplicate DIS, in which DP has acknowledged the receipt stamp; in safe custody.
  • Keep the DIS book in proper custody when it is not in use. In case of loss/ misplacement of
    DIS, the same should be intimated to the DP immediately.
  • One should never sign and keep a blank DIS.
  • All the holders must confirm any alteration, correction or cancellation made on the DIS with
    their signatures.