Online Banking Dos and Don'ts

Online Banking Dos and Don’ts

Dos Don’ts
  • Use strong passwords/PIN/Pattern to protect your phone.
  • Register for SMS alerts.
  • Memorize your banking credentials & keep them confidential.
  • Securely clear all personal/sensitive information from your mobile device before discarding it.
  • Inform the bank immediately if your account or account details are compromised.
  • Review your account statements frequently to check for any unauthorized transactions.
  • Before confirming any online transaction, check again to ensure the entered values are correct on the confirmation screen before confirming.


  • Don’t store any login information on your mobile device.
  • Don’t install applications from untrustworthy or unauthorized developers/online App stores.
  • Don’t click on links embedded in emails/social networking sites claiming to be from the bank or representing the bank.
  • Never use public Wi-Fi to access mobile banking or any sensitive personal information.
  • Don’t save and don’t share messages from your bank containing passwords or any other credentials.
  • Don’t forget to inform the bank of changes in your mobile number to ensure that SMS notifications are not sent to someone else.
  • Be careful about the websites you are browsing, if it does not look authentic, do not download anything from it.
  • Be cautious while accepting offers such as caller/dialer tunes, lotteries or open/download emails or attachments from the known or unknown sources.
  • Don’t provide any financial credentials over phone or email, Bank will never ask for it over phone or email.
  • Do not leave your login session open after you are done with your tasks. Always log out of the session.