Company Accounts

Documents required to open Company Accounts

  • Registration Certificate/ Income Tax certificate/ Pan/Vat certificate including renewal certificates including renewal certificate.

  • Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Personal details of directors, management committee or any other committee and their official, Managing Director, account operator, top management

  • Copy of citizenship certificate/passport and photograph of shareholders holding 10% and above shares.

  • Recent passport size photo, citizenship certificates/passport of Board of Directors, Managing Director/CEO/Account operator

  • Audited financial report, tax clearance certificate of last fiscal year

  • Shareholder’s stake in the organization /firm issued by Office of Company Registrar.

  • Board resolution as to opening and operation of the account and delegation of authority

  • In case of legal entity holding 10% and above shares of company, copy of passport/ citizenship certificate shareholders of such legal entity who is holding 10% and above shares of the entity.

  • In case of change of address from the initial registered, copy of the same

  • Any other documents if feel necessary and required by the bank.

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