Mobile Banking – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

S. No. FAQ Description Solution
1 What is EBL TOUCH 24 ? EBL TOUCH 24 is a convenient and safe transaction banking application offered online. You can manage and access your bank accounts quickly and securely.


2 What banking facilities can I do through EBL TOUCH 24 application?


EBL TOUCH 24 application helps you to access and manage all your accounts to perform the following services.


§  Online Self Registration

§  Online password reset facility

§  Login with mobile number

§  Biometric login enabled

§  Bill Payments

o   Utility bills like electricity, KHANEPANI, internet, TV

o   Other payments like insurance policy payments, School & college fees, shares etc.

o   Purchase online tickets of airlines, bus, movies, tour packages etc.

o   Direct Top-up to NTC, NCELL, ADSL, SMARTCELL, DISHOME, SIMTV etc.,

o   Pay your any credit card bills (any bank)

o   Load funds to ESEWA

o   Schedule a payment

o   Save payments for easy payments.

o   Get all your payments invoice.


§  Accounts and Statement

o   View all accounts details in one screen.

o   View latest transaction.

o   View full transaction history between applicable dates.

o   Download statement in pdf format.


§  Checks

o   View your Check book status

o   Online Check stop facility in case or lost or theft.


§  Fund Transfer

o   Transfer funds between your-self linked EBL accounts.

o   Transfer funds to third party accounts in Everest Bank

o   Transfer funds to other bank account.

o   Fone-Pay direct transfer to mobile number

o   Schedule a payment

o   Save payments for easy payments.

o   Get all your payments invoice.

o   Add a counter party and be safe while transacting.


§  Add Counter party

o   Add third party account name and account number.


§  Logs

o   Alert log

o   Activity log


§  More option

o   Locate ATMs and branches with its route navigation.

o   Get instant notifications from debit or credit on account activities.

o   Get latest foreign exchange rates issued by the bank and stock market value of the bank.

o   Bank’s official Colander

o   Easy EMI –calculator


3 How can I enroll in EBL TOUCH 24 ?


To enroll in Mobile banking, you can choose any of two choices

1)      Self registration :

After providing your personal details such as Account number, Card Number and mobile number, you will receive one OTP and after providing, you can login to mobile banking.



2)      Need to visit the nearby branch and fill the registration form.

Once the bank personal verifies your mobile number with the account number you provide, you will be sent with the registration confirmation message with your login password.


Note: During registration, your account will be deduced by standard charge. Make sure you have enough balance in your account to activate your service required.


4 What is my Login password?


Login password is the secret code used for authentication during the login process if you are using smart phone mobile with activated internet connection in it.


5 What is my Transaction Password?


Transaction password is the secret code used for transaction (withdrawing your account) during the fund transfer, bill payments or to get the recharge card.


6 How do I get the application installed in my Mobile Phone?


The EBL TOUCH 24 application is available in android and iOS platform. To download the application, please visit :

i)                    Android :Google play store and search for EBL TOUCH 24


ii)      I phone : Apple app store and search for EBL TOUCH 24


7 What is Self Registration :


Registering itself, is a process where user can enroll for the services by sending few personal information and after completion of process you can login to mobile banking and start using it.


8 How to do self Registration :


Self registration is a convenient way to register for EBL TOUCH 24 application from online. You need to provide your personal details such as Account number, Card Number and mobile number, which will be verified in the system and upon verification, you will receive one OTP. After completion of process, you can login to mobile banking and start using it.


9 What do I do after I receive the Message with the passwords? Once you install the EBL TOUCH 24 application in your mobile phone, for android phone please log in EBL TOUCH 24 with the login credentials, you received through SMS message. The username will be your registered mobile number in the bank. After successful registration, you will be asked to change your login password and transaction password successively. Login password will be alphanumeric and one special character. e.g. : Abc@123. Transaction password will be of four numeric digits.


Once you set your new login and transaction password, you need to log in again with the new password to use the service.


In addition, please keep all the login password, transaction password safe and confidential. Do not share it to anyone.


10 Will I be able to access all of my accounts using EBL TOUCH 24 ?



Yes, you can access all of your accounts using EBL TOUCH 24 .


11 What happens if I forget my password?


If you forget your password, it must be reset. You can reset your password by


o   Clicking on have trouble signing in option (self-reset) or


o   Visiting nearest branch and submit request to reset the password.


Bank may charge minimum amount for this service as per bank’s rules and regulations.


12 What is have trouble signing in option ?


This option helps you to reset your password. You need to follow these simple steps

o   Click on have trouble signing in option

o   Provide your personal information, after verification you will ask for secret picture.

o   Select three secret picture, which you have selected previously.

o   Input OTP sent to your mobile and you can now reset the password.


13 Can I use any kind of password?


For login password, you must use the password having alphabetical (At least one character in Capital format e.g. ABC…), numerical (123…) and special characters (@ $ # *…) to use Mobile Banking.






I used wrong password to login but after attempting five times with the wrong password, the app shows my password has been blocked. What should I do on this?




You need to visit your nearest branch and fill &submit the unblock request form to unblock the password.


15 What time does it take to unblock my password?



It usually takes 24 hours or will be done by end of the day.


16 What happens to my Mobile Banking if I change my mobile phone?


If you change your mobile phone, you should visit your nearest branch and first you need to update your KYC, then your app will be reset to new mobile number.


17 What are the charges while transferring money/fund?


If you are transferring money inside Everest Bank’s Account, it will not bear any changes. However, Interbank Fund transfer may attract chargesas per the Bank’s rules and regulations.


18 How much money/fund can I transfer per day using Mobile Banking?


Per transaction maximum amount NPR 1,00,000 and Total Maximum transaction NPR 10,00,000/-Per month


19 Who do I contact if I face problem while transferring (loading) money using Mobile Banking?


You can send screenshot message at [email protected]or contact any branch of Everest Bank. Or you can directly contact our customer care.


20 I am a POA holder of an account; can I apply for EBLTOUCH 24  through my own mobile number?



No! POA holders are not allowed to apply for EBLTOUCH 24.


21 Can a single mobile number be used for registration of two different customers?


No! Two different registrations of two separate customers cannot be done through single mobile number.

However, you can view all of your accounts linked with same CUSTOMER_ID.


22 How secure is EBL TOUCH 24 application?


EBL TOUCH 24 uses Extended Two-Factor Authentication (ETFA) to provide optimum security to your banking transactions. The security features include followings:


  • It is registered in your mobile device only.
  • All details are system verified without human intervention.
  • For genuine user verification, we use secret picture option.
  • Security PIN is generated by computer and sent to your mobile phone. So, no one else knows your security PIN.
  • Biometric authentication can be enabled for both login and transaction.
  • We give you the option to add and choose Counter Party. This way you can avoid the risk of transferring funds in unknown accounts.


If you lose your mobile phone, please call Customer Care @ Toll Free No: 16600171718 immediately so that we will block your Mobile Banking Services.


For any further queries and feedback, please contact us through the following means:


Toll Free Number: 16600-171718


Email: [email protected]


23. What are the Mobile Banking Fees, Charges & Limits

Description Charges
Corporate Mobile Banking + SMS Alert Rs: 500/-
Individual SMS Alert only Rs: 200/-
Mobile Banking + SMS Alert Rs: 300/-
Mobile No. Modification/linking new account Free
Repin generation 75
Renewal Period 1 Year
Payment Limits
  – Per transaction maximum limit amount NPR 1,00,000/-
  – Per day transaction limit amount NPR 3,00,000/-
  – Per month transaction limit amount NPR 20,00,000/-
Wallet Transfer Limits
  – Per transaction maximum limit amount NPR 25,000/-
  – Per day transaction limit amount NPR 50,000/-
  – Per month transaction limit amount NPR 10,00,000/-

Note:   * Mobile Banking Service will be renewed automatically every year.
* Fee and Charges will be deducted automatically from the account.