परिचालन सम्बन्धित सेवा चार्जहरू

Operation Related Service Charges (effective from 15th Kartik, 2076)

S. No. Particulars Detail Charges
1 CHEQUE BOOK Cheque Issuance NIL
Stop Payment (cheque) Rs. 100/- per instrument (max. Rs. 500/- per instance)
Uncollected Cheque Book a)  Rs. 100/- per book, if not collected within a month.

b)  Rs. 100/- upto 20 leaves at the time of destroy after 90 days, additional Rs. 5/- per leaf to be levied beyond 20 leafs

2 BANK STATEMENT First Time/Audit Purpose NIL
Duplicate Statement

a)  Saving



a)  Rs. 10/- per leaf

b)  Rs. 50/- per leaf

E-statement (statement through email) Free (through email)
3 BALANCE CERTIFICATE Account operated less than 1 months Rs. 1500/-
Account operated more than 1 month Rs. 1000/-
Free to institutions (other than individuals) once in a quarter for audit purpose only
Reconfirmation Rs. 500/- per request
4 ACCOUNT CLOSE A/c closed within 6 months from account opening Saving A/C: Rs. 500/-

Current A/C: Rs. 800/-

A/c closed after 6 months from account opening Saving A/C: NIL

Current A/c: NIL

5 ABBS CHARGE In case of natural person: Transaction upto Rs. 2.00 lac NIL
Others 0.10% or min Rs. 150/-
whichever is higher



Outward Bills

Within Nepal 0.15% or Min. Rs. 250/-+Courier Charge
India 0.15% or Min. Rs. 500/-+Courier Charge



Inward Bills

Inward documentary collection (not under LC) 0.15% or Min. Rs. 250/-+courier charges
Cheque/Documents returned Doc. Returned unpaid/ unaccepted: Rs. 1000/- + postal charge
7 ELECTRONIC CHEQUE CLEARING Local Cheque above Rs.200,000.00 Rs. 25.00 per cheque
FCY Cheque Rs. 25.00 per cheque
Express Session Rs. 150/- per cheque
Late presentment charge Rs. 250/- per cheque
Cheque Return Charges Rs. 250/- per cheque

(with the reasons funds insufficient for Inward Clearing Cheques only)

8.1 IPS Charges NPR Transaction (Others) NPR Transaction (RTPS)
Upto Rs. 500/- Rs. 2/ Rs. 15/-
Rs. 501/- to Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5/ Rs.15/-
Rs. 5,001/- to Rs 50,000/- Rs.10/ Rs.15/-
Above Rs. 50,000/- Rs.15/ Rs.15/-
Transaction in FCY Rs. 15/-
8.2 IPS Other Charges Cancellation/return charge Rs. 100/-
Roll over fee As per Transaction free
Auto Rejection Fees Double of above fee
Archieve fee Rs. 200/- per transaction
Creditor listing fee Rs. 10000/- per year
9 FD PREMATURE Premature withdrawal/ Cancellation of FDR a)  Premature cancellation of FD before 3 months, no interest shall be paid upto 29 days.

b)  After 29 days, lowest interest rate on published card rate of Call A/c for deposit period till 3 months.

c)  In other cases, 2% less than the contract date rate applicable for actual period of deposit held with the Bank or Call Deposit rate for FD receipt.

10 FCY note deposit in FCY Account Less than 50 denomination: 0.5% of the face value (as per NRB)
11 Standing Instruction Initial: Rs. 200/- p.a.
12 NRB CHEQUE Issuance Rs. 500/- per instrument
Cancellation Rs. 500/- per instrument
13 GOOD FOR PAYMENT Tax/Custom office Rs. 500/- per instrument
Others: a)  Upto Rs. 5.00 lac –Rs. 500/- per instrument

b)  Upto Rs. 10.00 lac: Rs. 1000/- per instrument

c)  Rs. 10.00 lac & above: Rs. 2500/- per instrument

14 REMITTANCE Cancellation Rs. 250/- per instrument
14.1 DRAFT ISSUANCE Local 0.1% or Min. Rs. 100/-
INR: 0.1% or Min. Rs. 100/-
FCY 0.25% or Min Rs. 350/-
Duplicate draft Rs. 500/- per draft
Cancellation Rs. 100/- per draft
Revalidation Rs. 100/- per draft (half year)
Stop Payment Rs. 100/- per one leaf to 200 for multiple leafs + (swift charge if required)
14.2 TT/SWIFT Outward Remittance/TT/Swift Local: Rs. 250/-
INR : 0.2% or Min. Rs. 100/-+swift charge
FCY: 0.25% or Min. Rs. 350/-+swift charge
Inward Remittance MT 103: Rs. 150/- per message for account credit in Nepali currency.

Transfer to other banks: Rs. 500/-

“OURS” charges As per the corresponding bank’s charge
Cancellation charges NA





Saving/Current A/c Holder 0.25% or min. Rs. 300/-
OD/Loan Account holder 0.20% or min. Rs. 200/-




Saving/Current A/c 0.25% or Min. Rs. 300/-+RTGS Rs. 300/-
OD/Loan Account Holder 0.20% or min. Rs. 200/-+RTGS charges Rs. 300/-
15 LOCKER Locker Rent

Size A

Size B

Size C

Size D

Size E

Size F

Annual Charges

Rs. 2500/-

Rs. 4000/-

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 6000/-

Rs. 7000/-

Rs. 8000/-

Security Deposit

Rs. 15000/-

Rs. 15000/-

Rs. 20000/-

Rs. 20000/-

Rs. 25000/-

Rs. 25000/-

Breakage Actual Cost
16 EBANKING Annual Charges Free
Reset/Password regeneration Rs. 100/-
Mobile No. Modification/linking new account Rs. 100/-
17 MBANKING Subscription Free
SMS Rs. 200/- (subscription charge)

Rs. 200/- (annual charge)

Mobile No. Modification/linking new account Free
Repin generation Free
18 ASBA/CASBA Rs. 20/- per application
19 OTHER CHARGES CCTV footage retrieval charge a)  Rs. 500/- per request- view only (required HO approval)

b)  Rs. 1000/- per request- for footage (required HO approval)

No Charge, if request received is from law enforcement agencies (subject to disposal byelaws).

Old document/Record Retrieval Charges a)  Rs. 200/- after 6 months

b)  Rs. 500/- after 1 year

No Charge, if request received is from law enforcement agencies (subject to disposal byelaws)

DR/CR advice (duplicate) Rs. 50/-
19.1 Manager’s Cheque/Pay Order Issuance of Cheque Rs. 500/- flat
Cancellation of MC Rs. 500/- flat
19.2 Other Certificates Advance Payment Certificate Rs. 300/- per certificate
FDI Certificate Rs. 1000/- per certificate
CMS/ECMS Case to case basis upon approval
Any other certificate Rs. 500/- per certificate
20.1 SWIFT Domestic Rs. 500/-
International Rs. 900/-
20.2 COURIER CHARGES Domestic Rs. 100/-
India Rs. 200/-
Other SAARC countries Rs. 500/-
Other Countries Rs. 1500/-
20.3 POSTAL CHARGES Domestic Same as courier charge except for postal charges for domestic which shall be Rs. 50/-.
Other SAARC countries
Other Countries