FAQ (Demat My Shares)

It will take 13 working days after the submission of application form along with physical
certificates to complete the dematerialization process. If it is not completed within the prescribed
time period, a BO has to consult with DP or CDSC.

Dematerialized securities do not have any distinct number. In demat; all securities are fully
fungible, which means that any 100 shares of a company are similar to any other 100 shares of
that company.

Since, one share is the market lot in demat system, odd lots of shares can also be dematerialized.

In such a case, a BO should request the company to have the security admitted with CDSC and
only then dematerialize the security.

A BO can have the holdings both in demat form and in the physical certificate form upon his/her

Any securities that are held in an individual’s ownership can only be converted in electronic form.
Besides, those securities should be compulsorily registered for dematerialization with CDSC.

The ISIN should be mentioned correctly while filling up the DRF. In case, BOs do not know the
ISIN, they can ascertain the same from their DP or through the website of CDSC i.e.

BOs can enjoy the instant transfer of ownership if they have holdings in demat form. It minimizes
the risk associated with the physical certificates. All listed companies in NEPSE must admit their
securities with CDSC as well and the settlement of such securities are done in demat form. Hence, BOs must open a demat account for transacting in the capital market.

As mentioned in the Securities’ Central Depository Services Regulation, 2067, the issuers have to
admit their securities with the depository and the BOs have to dematerialize their holdings for
transacting in the capital market. Hence, dematerialization is mandatory.


BOs have to immediately inform their DP about the statement loss and have to submit the
application to provide the copy of lost statement.