FAQ (Demat My Shares)

In the present scenario, both the pledgor and pledge must have BO accounts with CDSC for pledging securities. The procedure for pledging securities are as follows:


The demat securities can be pledged against the loan provided by banks and other financial
institutions. Moreover, the procedure for pledging securities in demat form is very easy and
convenient, both, for the pledgor (investor) and the pledgee (loan giving entity).

The allotted securities will be credited to the demat account of BO on the effective date as
prescribed by the issuer/RTA.

There is no priority in allotment of securities, either applied in dematerialized form or in
physical form. They are treated on par with the requests for allotment in physical and
dematerialized form.

As in the physical segment, the issuer/RTA itself provides the form of the rights issue to BOs. CDSC
and DP do not provide the same.

Rights and bonus shares can be credited directly to the demat account of BO.

BOs can verify the credit of the securities allotted to them in the following ways:


  • The company would send BOs the “allotment advice” regarding the shares allotted to them
    to their demat account,
  • From the statement of account provided by DP,
  • Through CDSC’s internet facility “Electronic Access to Securities Information (easi)” if the
    BOs have subscribed for the same.

If CDSC finds any error regarding demat account number mentioned in IPO application form at the
time of checking, then it is requested to RTA for the correction of such error.

The IPO form has separate fields to be filled-in if BOs want to take the credit of allotted shares
directly into their demat account.