FAQ (Demat My Shares)

The procedures for getting securities allotted through IPO in electronic form are as follows:

The probable reasons for rejection of DRF are given below:

  • If the essential information is not filled in,
  • If DRF is submitted to the wrong Issuers or RTA,
  • If securities having different lock-in time are mixed up in the same DRF,
  • If wrong DRN (Demat Request Number) is mentioned.

An instruction slip is the instruction given by BO, who has demat account with CDSC; to debit
the securities from their account. The BOID of each BO is pre-stamped on all the pages along with the serial number.


The facility to deliver securities directly to the Clearing House from the demat account of
investors is termed as client level pay-in.


Some of the benefits of areient level pay-in are as follows:

  • In the present market scenario of T+3 settlement cycles, the faster delivery of securities
    through client level pay-in can facilitate the speedy settlement process.
  • Client level pay-in avoids the hassle of lengthy transfer procedure.

Client level pay-in avoids the counter party risk associated with the delivery of securities
through an intermediary.

Settlement number has 7 digits. The first 4 digits represent settlement year and the remaining 3
digits represent settlement number of the exchange on which the transaction has been executed.

Any transaction involved in buying/selling of securities traded in NEPSE floor and transferred the
ownership through the Clearing House is On-Market transaction. Any transaction traded between two BOs outside NEPSE floor and settled without the involvement of brokers and Clearing House
is Off-Market transaction.


The selling procedure for demat securities is similar to the selling procedure for physical securities
in the trading floor of NEPSE. The process of transfer of demat holdings is more simple and easy
compared to physical securities. A seller has to give an instruction to his/her DP to transfer the
securities directly into the Clearing House or the Clearing Account of Stock Brokers once the
selling information is received from the broker. The same procedure should be completed within
T+3 working days.


Likewise, a buyer can give the standing instruction to the DP to credit his/her account in order to
receive the purchased securities. Such instruction can be given at the time of opening demat
account or after opening the demat account. Else, s/he can give the instruction for each


BOs do not have to pay any charge for dematerialization of securities. However, they have to pay
charges as prescribed by the Bye-Laws to DP for rematerialization of securities.

The electronic holdings can be converted back in physical certificate through “Rematerialization”