FAQ (Internet Banking)

You may have to visit the branch for the same.The bank will not send the User ID through SMS or email.

The transactions through Mobile Banking Services happen instantaneously i.e. in real time and there is no option for stopping, reversing or recalling the same.

You can do ten transactions per day. Per transaction limit is Rs 10,000 and per day transaction limit is Rs. 50,000.

 You can re-install the application from Play Store for android or App store for Iphone.

As a security measure, EBL Mobile Banking will automatically log out if you leave your mobile phone idle for more than 3 minutes. If you try to proceed with any transaction after you have been logged out, your phone will display ‘Session Expired’ message.

Yes you can access both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking simultaneously at the same time as both are different channels.

User can answer the call/check the message and then continue the banking operation.

  • Do not reveal password over phone, mail etc to any person including Bank.
  • The passwords can be changed as frequently as you wish. Please change your password frequently.
  • User ID/password and other sensitive information shall not be sent to the customer via e-mail.

Please visit our website for do’s/don’t on password handling.

 Yes, you may use the mobile banking application on national as well as international roaming but you will only receive One Time Password (OTP) for transaction if you are using the registered mobile number while on international roaming.

When you launch your application (when there is good signal) you can verify if your last transaction was successful or not successful by doing a transaction inquiry.