Prepaid Dollar E-Commerce Card

Everest Bank EBL E-Com Dollar (Physical / Virtual) Card” is VISA brand dollar prepaid card for the purpose of using in E-Commerce platform on dollar payments.

Product Name EBL E-Com Dollar (Physical / Virtual) Card
Brand VISA USD Currency Prepaid cards
Card Currency USD Currency Only
Purpose To allow the cardholder to purchase goods and services in e-commerce platform having Dollar payments and making payment via e-com dollar card.
Term of Validity This physical / virtual prepaid card has 4 years of validity from the date of issuance or expiry of the card whichever is earlier.
Target Customer The bank shall extend the physical / virtual prepaid Card to the new Customer as well as the Bank’s existing customers (individual and corporate customer) who want to consume the goods and service from internet or E-commerce platform.
(In case of corporate customer i.e. firm/ company, authorization letter / board minute to be obtained)
Acceptance & Usage The card is accepted in all E-Commerce platform certified by VbV (Verified by Visa) having dollar payments facilities only.
Eligibility Criteria •      Active saving or current account in EBL with complete and updated KYC status.
•      Updated valid email and Mobile number.
•      Personal or corporate PAN Number mandatory.
Limit and Reload limit USD Card – Limit is $500 per year with reload facility of same.
(Note – Limit will vary time to time as per NRB’s / Bank’s circular/ guidelines).
Fees / Charges / Transaction and Other Charges •       Card Issuance:
          Physical Card: USD 10.00
          Virtual Card: USD 5.00
(For 4 years or expiry of the card whichever is earlier)
•       Renew or replacement fee :
          Physical Card: USD 10.00
          Virtual Card: USD 5.00
(For 4 years or expiry of the card whichever is earlier)
•       Annual Fee: Free (For 4 years or expiry of the card whichever is earlier)
•       Load / reload fee:  Free
•       3D Secure registration Fee: USD 1.00
•       Balance Inquiry: Free at EBL ATM and USD 0.50 for Inquiry at other ATM (For physical cards only)
•       Cross Border Fee: USD 1% of transaction amount
•       Transactions Fee: Min. USD 0.50 or 0.50% whichever is higher
Security Features •       Secured by latest version of Two factor authentication for online transaction. 3DS, 1.0 / 2.0 security versions.
•       Transactions alert.
•       Accepted at e-commerce terminals accepting the platform certified by VbV (Verified by Visa).
Other Features •       Free Monthly E-statement over email.
Mode of Delivery •       The card will be delivered physically to branch for physical cards and via electronically for virtual cards.
•       For virtual cards, full card number, CVV2 and Expiry Date will be sent to authorize email with password protected.
Required Document ·      Duly filled Physical or Online Prepaid E-Com Card Application Form.
·      Copy of PAN
·      Self- declaration form
·      Other relevant KYC information