Personal Account

Documents required to open Personal Account

For Nepalese Citizen:

  • Citizenship/Passport / Driving License/Voters ID Card

  • Birth certificate or minor identification letter in case of minor & citizenship certificate/passport/voters card/driving license of guardian.

  • In case of citizenship certificate not obtained by Nepalese individual, recommendation letter from local body.

  • PAN (in case of availability/requirement)

  • Recent passport size photo

  • Addressing Certifying Documents like utility bill

  • Any other documents if feel necessary and required by the bank.

For Refugee Account

  • Copy of Identification documents issued by Government of Nepal or other concerned offices.

  • Recent pp size photo

For Foreign Citizen:

  • Copy of the valid visa.

  • Copy of Passport

  • Recommendation letter of the organization (if employee in any organization)

  • In case of Indian citizen-who do not bear passport, certificate stating that the individual is Indian Citizen.

  • Recent passport size photo

  • Any other documents if feel necessary and required by the bank.

For Simplified Account Opening

  • Citizenship or passport or Voter’s Card (photo affixed), National Identification Card, Driving License or any other documents issued by Government entities (photo affixed) or on the basis of certified recommendation issued by the local body along with photo.

  • Simplified KYC form

  • Self declaration form for not having any bank account has been devised and shall be circulated (attached herewith).

  • Recent Passport size photograph

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